shaham & assoc.  
  certified public accountants  
  שחם ושות' לוגו, shaham logo
  development of DNA and RNA targeted pharmaceuticals  
  genearrest, logo design
  shladot ltd.  
  designs, engineers, manufactures and integrates comprehensive mobilized transport solutions for diverse commercial and defense-related deployments
  shladot, logo design

  infigo diagnostics ltd.  
  diagnostics solutions  
  har odem  
  boutique winery  
  har odem winery, logo design
  km ltd.  
  business strategy solutions  
  סמליל, KM logo
  oasis fund  
  investing in the negev  
  יצוב לוגו, oasis logo
  on board  
  strategy & corporate govermance  
  איילת וורבין נחמיאס, on board
  rina ne'eman inc.  
  hebrew language services  
  rina neeman, hebrew, translation, logo
  israel translators association  
  אגודת המתרגמים, translation org
  ci focus ltd.  
  business intelligence & strategic marketing  
  עיצוב לוגו, ci focus
  roche reaches out to the patient  
  community program - roche pharmaceutical  
  roche logo, branding, logo design
  the israel center for civil society  
  sheatufim logo, israel, design, graphics design, עיצוב גרפי
  electricity reform forum  
  shatil's project  
  electricity forum logo, חשמל, מיתוג, עיצוב גרפיי,
  the guild  
  shoe & fashion accessories design school  
  מיתוג, the guild,  
  online printing shop  
  bprint - logo design
  ankori ltd.  
  educational systems  
  ankori logo design, branding, corporate identity
  beit berl  
  educational school  
  beth berel, עיצוב סמליל, מיתוגף תדמית חברה
  berl archive  
  labor party archive  
  berl archive, logo design, graphic design
  davka tofu  
  fresh tofu products  
  צוב לוגו, עיצוב גראפי, davla tofu logo
  jaffa international children theatre festival  
   יפו, תיאטרון, עיצוב, הצגות, jaffa festival
  ben susim magazine  
  israel equestrian federation  
  ben susim logo / Tel 03.6815710